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Page Object Model & Selenium Page Factory Framework

Link: http://fplanque.com/photo/monument-valley


Page object hides the technical details on how to interact with the pages of the web application making test script more business focused readable and maintainable.

It recomands to create object repository of web elements  specific to a page/module,which we can reuse it for n number of repeated use of the page in workflow scenarios.

Object/repository  class contains elements and corresponding function we need to perform on the page.



Readable (just need to call 2 class file in test) also page element and logic centralized, easier maintenance.

Easier to understand for new developer.

Easy to update for any change in application.

Object repository and function are independent of test script so that we can use in  multiple scripts.

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About QAtimes.Com

(A pioneer in Quality Audit & QA Testing )

As the speed and scalability of IT development escalates and increased user-demands require faster response times and throughput, end-to-end performance and load testing has become a de-facto critical component of competent IT development.

At QATimes.com we understand that organizations are confronted with the challenge of developing cutting-edge technologies able to withstand peak usage while delivering unwavering functionality and responsiveness to the end user. With today’s unpredictable yet exciting IT possibilities, QATimes offers expert assessment in QA and Testing that ensures our clients’ IT implementation function regardless of the stress or burden placed on them.

With reduced risk of business loss and productivity, and increased performance benchmarks, thousands of our clients now enjoy the key benefits of a robust and tested framework of enterprise-level networked applications that boast maximum performance, stability, and durability--required by today’s ever-accelerating IT and business environment.

QATimes.Com Difference

  • Robust processs dedicated in QA & testing
  • Active resource base of over  profiles globally
  • We offer end-to-end QA and testing services – From Lifecycle testing (System testing, Integration testing, regression testing, UAT), to Test Automation (POC’s, Automation suite development), Performance and validation testing including benchmarking and Penetration testing
  • We also offer device testing (Application, hardware, firmware, OS, security) as well as specialize in the newly emerging technology stack – Mobility, COTS validation, SAP and upgrades

We Provide

QA director, QA engineer, QA lead, QA manager, QA specialist, QA test engineer, QA tester

Our Technical Skills

Collabera provides services across the Quality Assurance spectrum that includes: Acceptance testing, Black box testing, Functional testing, Integration testing, Load testing, Performance testing, Regression testing, Sanity testing, Security testing, Stress testing, Unit testing, Usability testing, White box testing

Testing Services

Lifecycle Testing

  • System Testing
  • System Integration Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing

Test Automation

  • Automation Feasibility Assessment
  • Proof of Concept
  • Automation Suite Development & Execution

Device Testing

  • Application Testing
  • Hardware Testing
  • Firmware Testing
  • O/S Testing
  • WiFi Testing

Emerging Trends Testing

  • COTS Validation
  • Mobility Testing
  • Upgrade Testing
  • SAP Testing

Performance Validation

  • Performance Testing
  • Performance Benchmarking

Specialized Testing

  • BI Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Test CoE Setup